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Fugitive Recovery

We are board-licensed, fully bonded and insured to conduct fugitive recovery operations throughout the state of Florida.  Over the years, we’ve assisted law enforcement officers from various agencies and at the local, state, and federal levels with locating and/or apprehending criminal fugitives.  

Our cooperation and professionalism have allowed us to build an extensive network of strategic partnerships and access unique tools and methods to aid in the location and safe apprehension of wanted persons in Florida and beyond.  

Our fugitive recovery services include:

  • Skip Tracing and Fugitive Location

  • Surveillance

  • Prisoner Transportation

  • Background Checks and Record Searches

  • Criminal Extradition

  • Undercover Operations

If you’re a fellow bondsman seeking to released from financial liability and/or bail forfeiture, David Stern Bail Bonds can help!  For more information about our fugitive recovery services, please call (954) 467-2220 or click here to email us.

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