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Nebbia Bonds

A Nebbia hold is a special bail requirement ordered by the judge or requested by the prosecutor that must be met before a defendant may be allowed to bail out of jail.


The purpose of a Nebbia hold is to ensure all funds used to post bail are not derived from illegal means (i.e., theft, drug trafficking, conspiracy, or money laundering). Once sufficient and satisfactory proof of legitimate bail bond funding has been presented in court in a Nebbia hearing for the accused, he or she will then be allowed to post bail and get released.


While some clients may already have a private attorney they have hired to handle Nebbia proceedings, most of our clients are still in shock and trying to understand and digest what's going on when they or a loved one is arrested.


Even if you haven't retained legal counsel or perhaps can't afford the added expense of hiring a lawyer to lift a Nebbia hold, David Stern Bail Bonds will take care of preparing and presenting a Nebbia for you.  Our staff is educated and experienced in preparing legal documents and will be able to assist you with proving that the money used for the defendant's bail haven't been obtained illegally or laundered.

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