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Out-of-State & Transfer Bonds

If you're trying to bail someone out of jail who is incarcerated in another county or state, David Stern Bail Bonds can help!  We have an extensive network of bail agents throughout the U.S. at our disposal and will help you bring your loved one home as quickly as possible.


In order for a bondsman to post bail in another state, the more information you can provide to him or her about the defendant's arrest circumstances, the better.  Even if you don't have an actual arrest or warrant number, you'll need to know the name of the county or jurisdiction in which the arrest took place.  For example, if your cousin gets arrested while traveling in Atlanta, you'll need to be able to specify which county he/she is being arrested, because Atlanta is a large, sprawling metropolitan area that consists of multiple counties (i.e., Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, etc.).  Also, keep in mind that not states and counties have searchable, online arrest records, which means that we may have to call the jail directly in order to find out the exact arrest charges and/or bail amounts.  


Another thing to bear in mind is that bond premium fees are different for each state (and in some states, each individual county).  While the premium fee in Florida is ten percent (10%) of the bail amount for each charge, and/or a flat premium fee of $100 for any charges in which the bail is set at $1,000 or less, this may or may not be the same for other states.  And while bail bond premium fees are same for all counties in Florida, some states allow each county to set its own bail premium rates.  Because getting such bonds posted may require extra travel and/or processing paperwork, you may also be charged a "transfer fee" in addition to the premium fee(s).

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